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Positioning solution provider build on GNSS, LBS, Wi-Fi, UWB, BLE HADM, Find My and more

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for locating anything you desire using three advanced tools, fully customized to align with your specific use cases.
GPS tracker, smart watch that can help outdoor enthusiast navigation and send SoS when necessary


Tailor-made smart end devices, including trackers, beacons, watches, and modules, designed for seamless integration.

LPWAN wireless communication technologies such as NT-IoT, 4G LTE, Cat.1, Wi-Fi, BLE, Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi Halow can be used to connect the end device and cloud server


Location coordinates are transmitted using a variety of connectivity options, including BLE, 4G, Cat. 1, NB-IoT, etc., ensuring the data reaches you reliably, customized to your specific requirements.

backend cloud server to store the positioning data safely and securely, provide first hand raw data for your AI model training.


Safely and securely store your location data, ensuring the integrity and privacy. Utilize this primary data to enhance the training of your AI models with real-world inputs.




Wearable devices like watches or pendants, featuring SOS buttons, real-time location tracking, and geofencing alerts to notify caregivers if the wearer leaves a designated area. Providing peace of mind for family members by ensuring their loved ones can be quickly located and assisted if necessary.



Monitor the location and movement of valuable items. This can range from pets and livestocks to wallets and luggages. These trackers help in theft prevention, recovery of stolen goods, and efficient asset management by providing real-time updates and historical location data.



Vehicles GPS trackers are designed for monitoring the location, movement, and driving behavior. These devices are invaluable for fleet management, theft recovery, and personal use. Featuring in speed alerts, real-time tracking, historical trip data, route optimization, fuel management, and maintenance scheduling.


unique features

The terms "GPS tracker +" makes the application full of innovations. Such as a power bank with flash light integrating GPS feature makes it quite fit to outdoor enthusiasts, and a personal or educational robots with GPS tracking, useful for tracking the robot's location and for interactive learning scenarios involving navigation.

About Our Company

Welcome to Odinsight Tech. We are a company specializing in customized location-based product services. Backed by the strong research and development, design, production, and supply chain capabilities, we fully meet your customization needs for location services. From product functionality to aesthetic design, from terminal devices to mobile apps and cloud platforms, we use our expertise and innovation to turn your ideas into reality.